Camp F.R.E.E. - Gan Israel is known to be the best Jewish Camp, and is part of the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish Camps in the world. Gan Israel Camps enjoy a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs and new activities being introduced continuously.

Our Summer camp is know to be the best Jewish day camp in Brooklyn NY, and our Winter Camp in Tannersville NY is the most popular getaway for winter vacation!

Many a child has been known to wait all year to come back to Camp F.R.E.E. - Gan Israel! Campers will enjoy a wide range of exciting activities and field trips in a warm and spirited atmosphere. The real secret to our success lies in our outstanding staff. The camp is directed by experienced educators known for their professionalism and ability to motivate, excite and connect with children. Our counselors are known for their personal warmth and their ability to care for each child as an individual. Each counselor is a role model for our children, promising them friendships that will last forever. Their love for the children is perhaps surpassed only by the children's' love for them.

We invite your child to spend his summer and winter vocations with us. It’s an experience he’ll never forget.

This website will provide you with all necessary information regarding camp. However if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at 347-850-0408 or email us: [email protected]